Start of Another Week

Back in the office tonight…  I arrived at around 7:55 PM and my shift starts at 9:30 PM. I don’t know… I don’t feel like working, I know I have to, but I feel like I’m not myself tonight… I might overcome this later on…

As I arrived the office tonight, I noticed that our working area is very well lighted, I wonder why… Normally, all the lights are off and the airconditioning system is switched over to fan… ok… don’t get me wrong,. only the lights are on and the airconditioning system is still on “fan” mode… As I turned left, the I noticed that the new account has just started their operation… I am happy to see 2 of my former agents… I hope that they will work well in that account as they worked under my team.

Good Luck Guys!!!



~ by macappleboy on April 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Start of Another Week”

  1. heler parang others ka naman… ganyan talaga…

    welcome back… hope you have more calls… hehehe

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome!

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