My Boring Life

Ok, sorry guys for the delayed updates… I’ve been very busy today that I can’t even find time to blog… (who are you kidding, Macappleboy?, you’re just lying on your bed the whole day!) No, I’m not! Well, partly yes… I went to bed late last night or should I say, early this morning at around 4:00 AM since I need to calibrate my battery. Calibration of battery needs to be done at least once a month so that it will work on its optimum performance and it will report correct energy status… So, that mainly the reason why I was not online for the entire day.

Well, what did I do the entire day? I went to SM Fairview to have my picture taken and claim my package at Aboitiz. I just goof around the mall and since I am running out of stocks of my vanity products, I went to Watsons to buy some… also check on some stuffs at Oddeysey and Octagon computer shop. And since I needed to wait for 45 minutes to claim my pictures, I grab a snack at Wendy’s since I am craving for a burger… LOL, not much good food at home…

As I enter my room, I noticed that my desk is full of trash. So I clean it up and arrange my pocket books and some colognes that I used the other week.. I used to leave some of the stuffs that I used anywhere in my room that sometimes, I didn’t even noticed that I left it there. I always asked my dad about it and end up being scolded for I was not that good in cleaning my room. What can I do!? I don’t have time, I’m working! But, there’s a big BUT, if I found time cleaning my room, its like a MAJOR cleaning! Yes, and that is, I think, once a year.. LOL… someone is cleaning my room weekly… bad me.. 😦

So that’s about it… my very boring rest day… work again tomorrow evening! Sigh…



~ by macappleboy on April 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “My Boring Life”

  1. ay naku… if you just went with me in Quiapo or do wifi session pa edi mas productive…

  2. lol, Quiapo? Are you out of your mind?

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