Nope… the rumors are not true. Page Six allegations are incorrect. Gossip Girl’s sources are not that reliable. I was not tired of blogging! and Never will be!

Yes, I did not post anything on this link for the past few days but that doesn’t mean that I forget all about you. I told you that I will be very busy. I was! I can’t even find time to watch my DVD collections and favorite TV shows. I don’t even have time to go to the mall for my daily dose of fresh air. I haven’t done any shopping for the past 2 days. I’m not sick but I’m so stressed!

Few weeks back, I applied for free web hosting from Page.ph. I was planning to go beyond boundaries for having a wordpress hosted blog. Having a blog hosted by WP is not that much fun. You cannot monetize it, you cannot add google addsense, you cannot even edit or add widgets for your site! Life is so boring! Don’t get me wrong. WordPress is better than Blogger in some ways. Of course, the biggest advantage of WP for us who works in “you know where” is that WP is accessible. We can always update anytime and anywhere in the company. But like what I told you, it makes me bored. Luckily, after few hours, I got approved!

I thought that since I am already self-hosted, why not get my own domain. I seek advice from my very dear friend Malen and she advised me to get one for easy approval from Paid Ops. I will soon be applying to some Paid Ops to get myself extra money. LOL

After paying Php 500/yr for a domain, I thought life will be easier. I never knew that I’ll have a lot of problems, headaches and stress. It was exhausting! It came to a point that I was about to give up! From WordPress error messages, .htaccess, php, error in line 896, ftp problems, fantastico, importing, templates… name it, I experienced it all! Thank God Page.ph and Malen are there to rescue and shed some light on me.

Enough of the drama…. Here it is guys, fresh from California… The juiciest, the Fab, the gorgeous, the playful and the hottest talk in town… THE NEW AND IMPROVE……


Though I am not that satisfied with it, I’m still happy. You’ll never believe how I’ve been through in editing and encoding my site.

And still.. The drama is not yet over, it’s just starting it’s First Season… See you there…


~ by macappleboy on May 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “www.macappleboy.com”

  1. hehehhe…congrats!

  2. Nice.. 🙂

  3. congrats on your new domain!

  4. ang galeng galeng naman…pero bakit di pa rin lumitaw yung ginawa mo?

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