who is Macappleboy?

Who Am I? I’m Macappleboy…That would be my pen name for online blogging…

Seriously, I am just a simple guy… People always thought that I am that kind of person who is rich, has everything, can do this and that, but, I am really not. Yes, I love nice and beautiful things but that doesn’t mean I have everything nice… I can, but, of course, I have to save… and wait for a while to have it…

I am addicted with Mac, I remember those times I am still dreaming of having an ipod, until the mini came out, I went ahead to Megamall to grab one and enjoyed every single part of it… It was really nice… people got so amazed and I actually influenced some of my friend of buying one for them… Now, I am a happy user of Ipod Video Classic 160 Gig and a Macbook C2D Black… I am hoping that I could get a Time Capsule and Iphone in the near future… Well… I am still saving… Anyone for donation?

Travel…??? Hmmm… Love it! I want to go to places, places wherein I can afford to… So far, I’ve been to some Asian Countries… I am planning and dreaming of touring around Europe, especially, France!

Fashion? I am not that fashionable but I am addicted to anything and everything about fashion. I am obsessed with Lacoste and Armani… but, is open to other brands… I actually wanted to be a fashion photographer and wanted to work for the art department of a fashion advertising company OR fashion magazine…Devil Wears Prada is that you? LOL

Yes I am just a simple guy…

I love to read…and scan….I love to read books about fashion, life, and fictitious topics…I love learning new things and sharing it to people… If I want to know more about a certain topic, my first instinct is to research… I think I’m kinda good at it, especially when it comes with Travel and Fashion…

Food! I love food… I love trying on delicacies from each places that I’ve been to… except exotic food… I love pasta, pizza, CHICKEN! and cakes… I wanted to become a chef but I can’t afford the costs so, I think I might have to work hard to be in a culinary school……

I love meeting new friends, I do have lot of friends but we kind of lost communications with each other… I love meeting people coz I love to hear about anything that they can share… I might have learn something from them… who knows….

I love collecting DVDs… well of course, original and only those who I want to watch over and over again… I’m into box sets of DVDs and special editions… I even asked my dad to come up with a shelf that I can place my DVDs… I don’t want those that are available in the market, I want customized…

What else? Ask me!



16 Responses to “who is Macappleboy?”

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  3. Hi, thanks for dropping by and I miss you too! Promise me pag uwi ko eh lage mo ako kasama sa mga gimiks mo…hehehe..Thanks always for being a good friend. Love yah! God bless!

  4. LOL… wala akong perang pang gimik! hahahahaha

  5. i wanna add to that. he is a good friend, great leader, very generous, loving son, brother and uncle, and very emotional person.

  6. LOL Eva, wala akong panglibre…

  7. simple guy?? sinong niloko mo?? simple ba ang may MAC, iPOD, lacoste, armani, fendi etc etc…


    kung ikaw ang basehan ng SIMPLICITY edi…ano na ko? PLAIN and BORING??? LOL

  8. Malen, Im the epitome of simplicity. And you are the epitome of extravagance! LOL

  9. haha. oo rich kid

  10. eh Malen… kung si macapple boy simple, ikaw plain… ano na ako… ????

  11. Ikaw ay extra-ordinary!

  12. well, if simplicity is beauty try wearing armani while swimming on the beach (pagudpod is that you) while shouting “bente kinse”… that’s macappleboyarmanilacoste..bow..

  13. Hahaha! Chestie that’s not true! I was asking if its ok to wear that Armani shirt for swimming, thinking that the color might fade.

  14. seawater won’t make your very expensive shirt to fade my dear

  15. I’m not a chemist.

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