Lindsay Lohan’s sideline?

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My God! Lindsay Lohan, is that your ideal fallback if you don’t have any project going on?

Last January 6, Masha Markova went to the now closed 10ak club who was then wearing an $11,000 blond mink coat. She remember seating right beside Lindsay that night and then place her coat in the common bin with other jackets. After an hour of stay in the club, she decided to leave and as she checked on the common bin, she noticed that her expensive coat was no more in sight!

As she was flipping the pages of OK magazine, 2 weeks after, she was amazed that the same coat she’s wearing that night was spotted on Lindsay Lohan the same night it was lost! She called her attorney who then contacted the powerful attorney of La Lohan, Blair Berk. After two days, her coat was back with some reeking of cigarettes and booze and some slight tear on the lining.

The big question that’s still unanswered is, how could it be an incident?


The Stars on the Costume Gala Night at The Met

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I posted this before but I deleted it since I got so fed up in editing this post to my new template.

Just over the weekends, Hollywood invades New York City for the annual Costume Gala Party at the Metropolitan Museum of the Arts. These year’s theme is all about Super Heroes: Fashion and Fantasy. Of course, who else do you expect to organize the said party but the very Devil Wear Prada like Anna Wintour. Ms. Priestly, I mean Ms. Wintour presided the said event by wearing an X-Men like character, Storm. Bedecked in an elaborately padded and silver sequined gown said, “I control the weather!” And yes, she did!

Hot celebrity stars walk along the red carpet and pose for the cameras. Check out the BEST DRESSED EVER of the Night!

Julia Roberts: The Best Dressed of the night!

The highest paid model of the year, Giselle Bundchen poses with Tom Brady

Kimora is really making it work!

Our new Mom and Dad leaves their twins home to show us some of their styles

Mrs. Jay-Z is showing us for the last time her curves

And now, let’s count 1 – 3 as we all shout BOOO HOOO on these outcasts!

Sorry Poshy and Becky, I love both of you but its really not working for me.

Karolina, just stay home until you deliver the baby.

Claudia, is that your ideal pose and smirk for Madame Tussauds?

And finally! Katie, Just stay home in the Capeside. Use that dress and shoes in the nearby diner and give me a Cheeseburger and Lemonade.

Let’s Continue the drama

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As I’ve mentioned on my previous post, I’ve been very busy these past few days that I may not be able to post regularly for I’ve been dealing with some important matters. Anyways, that’s all done and I’m happy for the end results. Thank God! Whatever it is, don’t ask me. LOL

I’ve been dealing with some major revisions on my site but I am having problems dealing with these phps, htmls and all that stuffs. WordPress is giving me headaches! Stress! Still, I’m not done with it and it’s giving me problems and error messages everytime I’m editing it! Thank God Page.Ph and Malen are here for the rescue! I might launch it anytime soon ‘coz I can’t find any good themes to use.

Yes, I’ve been very busy these past few days that I actually ignored my friends when they are buzzing me or IMing me on YM. Sorry guys, I just really need to read some stuffs online. I’ll catch-up to all of you next time. It’s really exhausting when you don’t know anything about programming and code editing. Hay Life!

So, bear with me… for I have to deal with the problems of programming. I have a lot of research and encoding to do. For now, let’s continue the drama here. I’ll send invites for the big event… Launching of my site! Let’s have cocktails and canapes.

Sticky And Sweet Tour!

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Her Madgesty is set again to conquer the World! Madonna confirmed that she will be very busy this coming fall for her series of Sticky and Sweet Tour! The tour will be launch in Wales on August 26.

Below is the partial list of her itinerary:

23-Aug – Cardiff Millennium Stadium – Fri. May 16
26-Aug – Nice Stade Charles Ehrmann – Fri. May 16
28-Aug – Berlin Olympic Stadium – Wed. May 21
02-Sept – Amsterdam Arena – Sat. May 17
04-Sept – Dusseldorf LTU Arena – Wed. May 21
06-Sept – Rome Olympic Stadium – Fri. May 23
09-Sept – Frankfurt Commerzbank Arena – Wed. May 21
11-Sept – London Wembley Stadium – Fri. May 16
20-Sept – Paris Stade de France – Fri. May 16
03-Oct – E. Rutherford Izod Center – Mon. May 19
06-Oct – New York City Madison Square Garden – Mon. May 19
07-Oct – New York City Madison Square Garden – Mon. May 19
15-Oct – Boston TD BankNorth Garden – Sat. May 17
18-Oct – Toronto Air Canada Centre – Sat. May 24
22-Oct – Montreal Bell Centre – Sat. May 24
26-Oct – Chicago United Center – Sat. May 17
30-Oct – Vancouver BC Place Stadium – Sat. May 24
01-Nov – Oakland Oracle Arena – Sun. June 1
04-Nov – San Diego Petco Park – Sun. June 1
06-Nov – Los Angeles Dodger Stadium – Sun. June 1
08-Nov – Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena – Sat. May 31
11-Nov – Denver Pepsi Center – Sat. May 31
16-Nov – Houston Minute Maid Park – Sat. May 31
19-Nov – Philadelphia Wachovia Center – Mon. June 2
22-Nov – Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall – Mon. June 2
24-Nov – Atlanta Philips Arena – Sat. May 31
26-Nov – Miami Dolphin Stadium – Sat. May 31

Additional dates will be announced soon.

I wonder if this is the tour that was rumored to be shown in the Philippines… Hmmm we gotta start saving for this. It’s a must! A once in a lifetime event.

Happy Birthday Dwayne!

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Exactly 4 years ago, a baby was born. A handsome and bouncy baby boy gave new hope and happiness to his family. Everyone is very excited to visit the hospital just to see how he looks like. Did he get his mother’s nose? Does he have the same hair as his father?

I remember the time when he arrived. Almost all of our relatives are in our house wanted to check on how cute he was. As I took him from my aunt, I was amazed on how soft and heavy he was! I was so scared to carry him for I might give him injuries or maybe I might accidentally drop him. I tried to look closer at him and thought how wonderful life is. It’s a miracle indeed!

From then on, I know God has shed a light on us. He gave us another hope and strength to live on after what happened to our family 10 years ago. I’m pretty much sure that your “lola-mama” will be very happy if she is still with us. She’ll take good care of you as what she did to me, your mommy and “lolo-papa”.

So now, on this very special day, I wanted to greet you a very HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I just hope that you’ll be happy on this day and you’ll enjoy your little party later on. I wish that you grow up healthy and still carry the values that your family is teaching you. I promised to support you in any ways that I can.

To you Dwayne Christen, Happy Birthday once again and we love you!!!

Megan Fox: Hot on Cam!

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She could be the hottest girl in town for hitting the top mark of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Woman in the World, but, after being caught in surveillance camera for shoplifting a lip gloss, she is forever will be a “HOT SHOPPER” on Wal-Mart store!

Yes, Megan Fox has been banned for life from Wal-Mart store in Port St. Lucie, Florida after being caught by the store’s camera for shoplifting a $7 worth of lip-gloss when she was still teen-ager!

Reports says that she actually denied it at first and tried to get out of the store but when they told her that the police are on their way, she freaked out, cried out loud and confesses everything.

Hideous! Megan, you should’ve done in with a style like Winona! Try Kiehls store, Saks Fifth Ave. or L’Occitane next time.

Queen B is preggy!

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It’s confirmed! As speculated, the reason why Beyonce and Jay-Z’s rush to get married is because, Queen B is pregnant!

The two just got married last April 4 infront of their close friends and relatives. All of the guests knew that our “Irreplaceable” diva was indeed pregnant!

Congratulations B and hope your figure stays the same.